ORB Odditeez™ Beadiballz™

ORB Odditeez™Ballz are the bizarro balls that wiggle, wobble, flow and splat. These transparent balls are filled with Slimi, Beadiballz™, Pearlized Slimi, or Slimi Sparkle Ribbons. ORB Odditeez™ Ballz come in a wide range of colors and sizes - collect them all!

Even better, ORB Odditeez™Ballz come with strange textured surfaces. Will you get a red Beadiballz™, with a cloudy surface? Or will you get a yellow Sparkle Ribbon Ballz with a spiky texture? Flip them, squeeze them, and more! 

Tiny beads swim inside ORB Odditeez™ Beadiballz, all trying to escape. Hold your Beadiballz close to feel the oodles of beadz in the gooey center.

Orb Odditeez Beadiballz