About Us

Bambury's mission is to source and distribute unique, educational children's products throughout South Africa.

Bambury was started in 2003 with the very successful Poncho Pal, a hooded children's towel for the bath or beach and expanded over the  years to include Beach Packs and Snuggle Rugs for the nursery and Sleepover Packs for older kids. 

We now focus on educational products including the very popular Orb Factory range of Arts 'n Crafts products as well as an amazing science range from... Be Amazing! Toys.

The Orb Factory toys are easy to use, mess-free, without ever having to use glue and scissors. Sticky Mosaics allow children to peel and stick sparkling foam and jewel tiles to create Mosaics by number or shape that are ready for display.

As the official distributor for Orb Factory, in South Africa, we carry a huge range of the mosaics and other educational products. These Orb Factory produces toys which are both imaginative and educational and have been used as learning tools in classrooms around the world.

Be Amazing! Toys offers educational, creative and fun science kits and toys that teach real science in a way that makes kids say "Wow! How does that work?".

Come and enter the magical world of educational toys on the Bambury website!

Niki Witt 
Founder & CEO